Better Flop…a contractor’s opinion

Thanks to our Lobbyist Contractor for this article on the Better Flop project:

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“I just keep getting more and more dumbfounded by this better flip project.  Especially as someone who has done work in Willowick in the past.  If this was any private for profit company running this job, stop work orders and fines would have been issued months ago.
Outside of us taxpayers getting taken to the cleaners on construction has anyone thought about the potential liability of the project to the taxpayers?
We have an unqualified, unregistered, and uninsured person serving as a general contractor on this job.  He is hiring subcontractors that are knowingly performing work without permits.  (they hold State issued licenses for HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing surely they are aware of the legal requirements for permits)  What if someone gets hurt on this job, we are exposed to an unacceptable amount of liability.  When you run jobs illegally it is pretty hard to win in court claiming that you were doing things the right way.
Going one step further, how are we going to sell this house?  In Ohio, you must disclose all known defects with a property.  Are we going to disclose to the new buyer that the work was performed by an unqualified general contractor?  Are we going to disclose that the permits were obtained after the fact and that most likely not everything was inspected to the degree that it should have been?  If we don’t disclose these things then we are opened up to liability if anything goes wrong with these repairs in the future.
If we do disclose these things do you think that a bank will provide a loan?  The second you tell the bank hey I would like $150,000 for a house that was just completely remodeled by an unqualified individual that used unregistered contractors that had their business credentials canceled for not paying taxes and did a lot of the work without permits, do you think the bank is going to be like oh sure we would love to loan on this house?”
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(LFC Comments: We think the Lake County Commissioners should get their collective heads out of ….the sand, and wake up to what is happening….Commissioner Cirino is supporting this project lock, stock and barrel…so he owns it!  Commissioner Young is going to “look into it”.  Commissioner Hamercheck is very concerned about the project. Two sets of rules….one for the elites and their protected donor class, and the “unwashed masses”, the serfs that they rule are punished without mercy!)

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  1. You know, both Hamercheck and Cirino are up for re-election in 2020. I would think that these guys would actually WANT to look into this mess. Serious problems with permitting and contractor registration. This contractor makes very VALID points about the ability to sell this house and full disclosure. The two sets of rules…one for the ivory tower crowd and one for the slaves they rule.

    Now Rantala seems to be trotting out his guy from the Auditor’s office, Yamamoto, to try to convince the public that this a good thing…because it will INCREASE property taxes for the various cities. So I guess Cirino is a TAX AND SPEND RINO. Businessman my eye. He is not a business man…at least not when he’s spending other people’s money…who care’s right? Seems to be a steaming pile of shi…hypocrisy.


    • I have to admit that I was surprised learning how the people extolling the virtues of the Better Flip and Lake County do not even live in the County. Hamercheck is really concerned about the Better Flip, he is wearing a ‘white hat” on this one. Young is “still looking in to it”…..Cirino has hitched his wagon to it, so his political future may suffer. However, he is revered by the establishment.


  2. This is extremely concerning! We elect our governmental representatives and have some expectation that they will conduct the government’s business with honesty, transparency, and integrity. This doesn’t appear to have been the case here.


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