Property Taxes by County….RV anyone?…updated 4/7/19

We had a request to get property tax information for each Ohio County.  After some research and manipulating of the data, here is what we found:

County Rankings Median Property Taxes

Lake County made the top ten by coming in at #9 out of 88 counties.

We think we have it bad, but our friends in Geauga County have the dubious distinction of being #2 in the State!!!

Delaware County, just north of Columbus, wins the prize as the #1 County in the State in terms of median property taxes.

Ok….just got an email complaining about the following “conclusion”……let me try to be clear on this……THIS IS A JOKE!!!  Duly noted…all future attempts at humor will have a warning…..LOLOLOL

RV Living image

It appears that the only way to avoid these property taxes is by living in an RV and having a P.O. Box…..

Living off the grid is sounding better each day as we continue our slide into the abyss.

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