Auditor’s Appointment….more inside baseball

You are probably aware of the appointment of Mr. Chris Galloway to the Auditor’s position.  Here is the News-Herald’s article on the Republican event.

The News-Herald article did not really tell the full story behind the vote.  Under the Ohio’s Sunshine Laws, we obtained the results of votes, and under our policy of full transparency we will share them with our readers.

There were two votes taken to determine the winner.  The first vote had five candidates – Galloway / Grassi / Popelka / Tuttle / Zuren.   Since no one received 50% +1, there had to be a second vote taken with the two candidates receiving the most votes in round one.

Galloway received 39 votes (43.3%), and Popelka received 25 votes (27.77%).  There were a total of 90 votes casts.
Auditor first vote 3-27-18

The second vote was very close.  Strangely, there were only 86 votes cast.  So four committee members who voted in the first round failed to cast a ballot in the second round.  The winner needed 44 votes to secure the appointment with only 86 voting.

The results were Galloway 46 votes (53.4%), and Popelka 40 votes (46.5%)…a win by three votes….
Auditor Vote Round 2

If the four non-voting members had cast their ballot for Popelka the vote count would have been Galloway 46 (51.1%), and Popelka  44 votes (48.8%)……Galloway would have won by the slimmest of margins – 1 vote!….A win is still a win….

What we discovered as a guest in the “peanut gallery” at the meeting was the expressed concern that whoever is appointed must be electable at the next election cycle. In fact, it seemed as though the ability to be elected was more important than the candidates credentials to perform the Auditor’s duties.  Seems strange to us, but we are not political animals.

For Lake County taxpayers’ sake, we wish Mr. Galloway much success in his new role.  However, the ability to be elected after his term expires in November 2020 is still in question, but since the world as we know it will end in twelve years because of climate change,  according to some people, does it really matter?



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