Lake County Port Authority’s New Legal Counsel…good grief, another outsider…

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The Gazette Newspaper announced that the Lake County Port Authority has hired a new law firm…..Thrasher, Dinsmore, & Dolan…. Can you guess where they are located?

If you said that they had an office in Lake County, you would be mistaken.  They have offices in Cleveland and Chardon.  Now that is a hoot….We have the Lake County Port Authority with the stated mission to attract more people into Lake County [guys, you still remember that mission, eh?]

mad imageWell, the Executive Director lives in Rocky River, the Coastal Manager in Cleveland, and the Airport Manger lives in Geauga County, and now they hire a law firm that does not even have an office in Lake County!….

Did Lake County run out of qualified lawyers?  You just cannot make this stuff up…..I guess, having ties to Lake County are now optional for the LAKE COUNTY PORT AUTHORITY.



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  1. It does seem rather strange, doesn’t it?



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