RSVP…Music and Memories & $50,000

We have reported on the volunteer program called RSVP several times.  They receive funding from the Senior Tax Levy.  Here is a summary of their funding for the years 2013 – 2019.  Senior levy funds

Please note that they have received almost $ 875,000 from the Senior Levy Funds during that time period.  If we consider that the Council on Aging spends ~$5.00 per meal for their Meals on Wheels program, that means that we could have purchased an additional 175,000 meals for Lake County citizens needing help.

RSVP was given $50,000 the the Lake County Commissioners to conduct a study on dementia.  Here is the result of that study.  Word of caution – reading this may cause drowsiness……

thumbs down image

We are suggesting to the Lake County Commissioners that they stop funding RSVP and allocate their funds to the Lake County Council on Aging.  It is our opinion, that many of the same volunteers are already with the Council on Aging.

If RSVP wants to continue to manage Lake County volunteers, we suggest that they find a volunteer to manage the volunteers.  If the Willoughby-Eastlake school district wants to continue to support their employees that manage RSVP, then they should handle the complete funding from the school district’s bank account.  It then would be up to the taxpayers in their school district to determine if they want to keep funding this program.

If you agree with us, please contact the Lake County Commissioners and tell them to stop funding RSVP.


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