Riverside School Culture Playbook…what is the role of public schools?

Riverside school

We were reviewing the Riverside local schools website and saw this article on their “Cultural Playbook”


“The District has developed a Culture Playbook which focuses on values, behaviors and outcomes. 

The Culture Playbook was developed by the District Leadership Team after years of studying organizational culture. This year, teachers have begun to implement the playbook into their classroom curriculum to get students to focus on doing the right thing, owning their attitude and choices, being coachable, acting with determination, embracing challenges, being a positive influence and more. The Culture Committee has also visited all the schools in the District to discuss these traits with students.  

The playbook makes values, behaviors and expected outcomes crystal clear, setting a standard and expectations for both students and staff. 

The District is committed to growing and maintaining a positive culture with the goal of becoming ‘One Community Pursuing Greatness and Getting Better Every Day.’”

(LFC Comment: We believe that the public schools are trampling on the role of the family in raising their children.  When we read “the playbook makes values….crystal clear”, we cannot help but  wonder what and whose values are they teaching, and is that really the role of public schools?  We are a long way off from the 3 R’s.

In addition, we see that Riverside is now offering full-time kindergarten at no cost. So what is next – pre K?

We will try to attend the next school board meeting to ask about any property tax levies in Riverside’s future.)

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  1. yes, you are correct…too busy earning a living….the breakdown of the family structure will inevitably change our society.

  2. Sounds like it takes a village! We will tax your parents to achieve our results, and they didn’t take time to care.

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