Vrooman Road Project…and ancient burial grounds

humerus bone image

At the last Commissioners’ meeting,  we learned from the Lake County Engineer that there was a ancient Indian burial ground in the Vrooman Road area.   During the current construction of the Vrooman Road bridge a bone was discovered.   What the project managers did not know is if it was a “humerus bone” (human arm bone). The project was stopped until a forensic analysis could be done to discover if it was a human bone.

It was discovered that the bone belonged to a horse, and not a human.  The Engineer stated that someone had “planted” the bone to stop the project.

LOL image

This led the Commissioners to say that someone was just “horsing around”, and it was all quite “humorous”.  (LFC Comment:  We are not sure if the Commissioners will be appearing at the local comedy club anytime soon.)




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