Training Manual for Citizenship….1928 version


A patriot sent this information to us. It deals with the U.S. War Department’s training manual in 1928 about training U.S. Citizens on citizenship.

Citizenship training in 1928

Although we can point fingers in a lot of directions for our current situation, here are some excerpts from this 1928 training manual that we think also speaks to our current problems.

“A course of instruction in citizenship to be effective must develop the social phase of citizenship and be particularly directed to the native and foreign-born youth, setting up a clear understanding of this great problem of assimilation and amalgamation of the bloods of all nations into the virile life stream of America.”

individualism vs collectivism

“Philosophy of American Government. — The philosophy of government, as set up under our Constitution, finds its keynote in individualism as opposed to that misguided philosophy of government, collectivism, which makes the State paramount in its demands over the inalienable rights of its individual citizens. Incomprehensible as it may seem, the political problems of America and of the world at large are embodied in this question of individualism as opposed to collectivism as the philosophy of government for the future development and welfare of nations.” (emphasis added by LFC)

“Knowledge, the safeguard of our Republic. — Because of the rapid increase in our population, largely made up of immigrants from all parts of the world, the tendency within the family and the school is to neglect the training of our youth in the knowledge of his Government and his individual responsibility.

It can not be expected that foreign-born parents, lacking knowledge or inspiration of American ideals, will be either fitted or inspired to give such instruction to their own children. The indifference or the neglect of native-born citizens concerning the training of their children to meet the responsibilities of citizenship is largely caused by lack of information and proper understanding of the history, ideals, and underlying principles of our political institutions.

The remarkable development of industry in America has caused a congestion of population in our large cities, creating social, economic, and political problems that materially affect the structure of our Government.

The solution of the problems of citizenship lies largely in the education of the youth of America in the principles of representative government and their personal responsibility in perpetuating and improving her free institutions.”  (Emphasis added by LFC)

(LFC Comment: no truer words were said…and remember this was in 1928….the fundamental transformation of America included the purposeful dumbing down of our next generations.  It is past time to push back to save our Nation.)

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4 replies

  1. Yes indeed!!!!


  2. Thanks for posting as people need to realize the USA was very conservative and educating the citizens properly.


    • We somehow need to get to the younger generations. They have absolutely no idea what is headed their way after the “baby boomers’ generation leaves the scene. They will give up their freedoms to ensure their “safety”!!!! That is when the hammer will drop from the communists just waiting in the wings.


  3. Thanks for posting this as we need everyone to know that the American citizens were being educated properly in citizenship and the USA was a very conservative country. What a shame of where this country is now!!!


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