Gas Tax Bill….at this rate, we may have to dust of our bikes…

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We attended the last Lake County Commissioners’ meeting and received some information from the Lake County Engineer regarding the recently passed Transportation Bill that included the hike in our gasoline taxes.

Here is a recap of the history of the gasoline tax and what it means for each Ohio county.

Recap of 2019 Gas Tax Revenue

shocked looked image 2

An interesting fact not mentioned on the recap is that the $.19 / gallon increase in the diesel fuel does not benefit the States at all.  All of that money is funneled back to the Federal government.  (Why are we not surprised?)


love of money image

The County Engineers prepared a summary of the gas tax bill:  County Engineers Review of Gas Tax Bill   
They seem absolutely giddy about the passage of the bill.

Want to see who voted for or against the Gas Tax bill? State Legislators that Voted For or Against the Bill

broken down trucks

One last item from the Lake County Engineer.  Here is a summary of their existing vehicles….looks like we are being setup for another tax just to pay for vehicles..
Condition of Engineer’s Vehicles

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  1. It looks like all hope is lost. Actually, Its been lost for quite awhile. It’s finally sinking in for me. Our legislators at any capacity once elected, just want to be loved in the political realm, and have no desire to serve their constituents in efficiency and decency. If someone does actually want to change the norm they are attacked as the one who is criminal, or can’t be trusted to close his eyes and let corruption reign.

    I think it is time to leave Ohio, nothing to loose but friends and corruption, I will miss my friends! Last time I left for 12 years, we kept a house in lake county to vacation at. It is becoming to expensive to continue this routine with rising property taxes and lowering home values. There is not enough appreciation any more to justify the cost. No one really cares as you see the limited responses to Brian’s amazing posts. Everyone is becoming a sheep and afraid to actually change anything for fear of being called out! Or we have become so politically correct, we can no longer function under “Make America Great Again? without offending someone who probably doesn’t understand the constitution or the meaning of illegal. Since we must enjoy lawlessness, we can cut the police, courts, heck why not the FBI, Military etc. since we have nothing to fear? Guess who would be the first to scream?


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