Prosecutors and Lake County Port Authority…look what we found

We had a meeting with the Lake County Prosecutor regarding their 2019 budget.

We noticed that they provide legal services to the Utilities Department and Job & Family Services, for which they receive reimbursement for their services.  We asked the question why they do not provide legal services to the Lake County Port Authority Board, and we were told that they were not permitted by the Ohio Revised Code.

While reading the Code section regarding the rules and regulations of the Port Authority (Hey, who does not do that in their spare time?), we noticed this addition dated 11/2/18 to the ORC.


4582.021 Contracting with county prosecuting attorney for legal services.

The board of directors of a port authority created under section 4582.02 of the Revised Code may contract with the prosecuting attorney of a county, as provided in section 309.09 of the Revised Code, to obtain legal services from the prosecuting attorney.

Added by 132nd General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 34, §1, eff. 11/2/2018.


The Lake County Port Authority Board of Directors just hired a law firm  with NO offices in Lake County.  (We are happy to announce that it was not the firm Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe)

Maybe someone should whisper in the ear of our Prosecutor (Hint to D.H.) that they may want to get their “oar in the water”, and at least bid for the job if the new firm stumbles.

LFC is a big believer in money spent by the Lake County officials, and non-profits that live off the government dole, should stay in Lake County if comparable services are available – or are we asking too much.

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