Better Flip Museum Proposal….

We were trying to help out the Port Authority and Commissioners Young and (Blank) for their unabashed support of the ‘Better Flip Initiative’.  Since the taxpayers have footed the bill to the tune of $299,000, and may realize only $150,000 upon the sale to some unsuspecting dupe, we thought that they should convert the home to a museum similar to the Christmas Story house in Cleveland.

Our thinking was that they could charge $5.00 per head; and assuming 100 visitors a week, they could re-coup the investment in ONLY 11.5 years. The Port Authority and the Visitors Bureau could join their efforts and promote the ‘Better Flip’ museum.


To that end, LFC spared no expense and purchased a replica of the leg lamp that could be proudly displayed in the front window.




We went the extra mile and had cookies made to commemorate the kick off of the museum.




We made the presentation of the lamp and the cookies to the Commissioners.

IMG_3047   Commissioner Hamercheck liked it.

IMG_3050 Commissioner Young looked like a “definite maybe”

IMG_3049 Commissioner (Blank) looked like he was ready to call Sheriff Dunlap……lololol

Needless to say, Commissioners (Blank) and Young declined our gracious offer and are willing to “go down in flames” with this debacle.

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