Note to L.C. Port Authority….look who is about to knock on your door

pulling back the curtain

Our continuing efforts to call out the Lake County Port Authority Board Members and their Executive Director for their abysmal performance on the ‘Better Flip’ initiative took another turn yesterday.

We sent this letter to the Auditor of the State of Ohio:    Letter to Keith Faber 4-4-19

We received this letter on 4-22-19 from the Auditor:  Letter from Ohio Auditor of State 4-19-19

It is regrettable that Commissioner Hamercheck is the only elected official that really listened to our concerns.  Not one Port Authority Board member ever contacted us to hear our complaints.  NOT ONE!  

Commissioner Cirino even had the audacity to chastise and dismiss a citizen’s opinion on this debacle in a public meeting because, in his opinion, she was a ‘disgruntled’ former employee.  Well, we will see who has to use the word ‘former’ on their resume in 2020.

In order to wake up our elected officials and the bureaucrats, we created this postcard and distributed it throughout the County.



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  1. Jerry Cirino needs to come down out of his ivory tower more often. His DIC-tator is showing.

    As you keep saying…Cirino is supporting this debacle lock, stock, and two smoking barrels. He owns every bit of this disaster.

    Where there is smoke there is fire, and it looks like you guys were right all along about this Better Flop project.


    • Commissioner Cirino would never even discuss this issue with us, so we had to take it to the next level. The Commissioners say that they have no authority over the Lake County Port Authority – we beg to differ. The Commissioners created a resolution years ago establishing the Port. They created them, so they can take them out, and the Commissioners appoint the Board members.


      • Is the port authority self sustaining? How much money does the port authority receive from the Commissioners in the way of funding? Are they recipients of any CDBG funds? I agree with you that the Commissioners do have oversight…maybe not directly but they do have oversight.

        Why would they keep funding the port and airport after you have brought so many questionable things to light…with just this one project.

        I wonder if there are more questionable things going on at the port authority that we just don’t know about yet?


      • Hi, Stealth Jeff….we have posted the financial information to our website. I do not believe that they are getting CDBG money, but we will have to check on that.


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