Perhaps we have not been clear….can you hear us now?

Wow…..and the hits just keep on coming…..thanks again to our Kirtland lobbyist for this information….this is right down the ‘pike’…..

waving image 2  To the Lake County “movers and shakers” we say: “Can you hear us now?”  The “feasance triplets” may be showing up pretty soon….

Now what do our fearless crime fighters have to say?

robin image “Hey, Batman…..Do you think a certain Lake County ‘mover and shaker’ should bet on the Kentucky Derby?”

Batman image “Ah, my masked little friend….that would be a definite no.  He has been backing two losing horses for quite some time….his track record is a bit dubious.”

robin image“Well, what about that lady that is mad at you for shining the light on her actions?”

Batman image“You will be glad to know my little amigo that I have turned the other cheek”….And besides, she has been perpetually mad since they dropped that house on her sister!”

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  1. Lake County Visitors Bureau…The Good, the Bad, and the VERY “Remarkable” Ugly – Lobbyists for Citizens

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