Foreshadowing of a problem?…

When we attended the Riverside school board meeting last week, and we heard something that piqued our interest.

The Chief Financial Officer mentioned that he was having problems with the information received from the Lake County Auditor’s office.  They had introduced new software and were having problems…..such as not inserting commas in the numbers field.

Which is easier to read –  $100000000.00 or $100,000,000.00?

Hmmmm image

If the Auditor’s office installed new software, we hope that they ran the new and old software in parallel to ensure that they catch possible errors.  In my business experience, I saw first hand how new software installations can create nightmares….. and with the size of the Lake County budget, it could get expensive for the municipalities, and the county.

circle the wagons

Let us see what develops in the coming weeks…..we will wager that if there are problems, we will not hear about it for a while, and they will be “circling the wagons”.

Good luck to the new Auditor, Chris Galloway.

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