HB 6….Who Understands this Issue?

tip of the hat

A big tip of the hat to Diane Jones of Auburntownship.org for this excellent summary of the meeting held last night at the Auburn Career Center hosted by Tom Hach, and his Tax Working Group.


We can honestly say that we are not sure that either presenter convinced anyone to support their side of the issue dealing with nuclear power plants.

Here is the Buckeye Institutes position opposing H.B. 6:

It bothers us that there is a separate company that deals with the generation side of the electrical grid that requires taxpayer subsidies to survive, while the distribution side of the business is a gold mine.

Whenever we see a gold mine, we can be assured the elites are getting the gold and the peasants are getting the shaft.

It is our opinion that this is a very complex issue, and the presenters would have served the audience better by educating them on how the electrical grid works, what are the challenges of the grid, what decisions were made in the past that may have led us into the current situation.  Our stance is to always “follow the money”.

Speaking over the heads of the audience, leads one to wonder why.

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