Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds…

For the record…..I received a 2019 Republican Confirmation Card today.  They are trying to build up their war chest to defeat the Democrats, who are trying to “destroy our entire Republican effort to continue Making America Great Again”……I really had a chuckle at their unmitigated audacity to use that expression, as if I was supposed to grab my torch and pitchfork and storm the castle of the evil Democrats.

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Here is their letter to the sheeple:  Letter details

Here is my response:  2019 Republican Affilation Card

You can see from my response what I think of the Republican leaders – HYPOCRITES!!!

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When they were in control of Congress, they did NOTHING to absolutely lock down our Southern border by building a wall.  The number of true patriots in the Republican party are fading fast.   Let’s see, do we support a Republican Socialist, or a Democrat Socialist?…..hmmm, quite a choice, don’t you think?

sheeple 2

They all talk a good game of following the Constitution, believing in the rule of law, ensuring the safety of our citizens, supporting “border security”, but when “push comes to shove”, when the “chips are on the table”, they all cave to the special interest groups and “feather their own nest”.  We want politicians that are first and foremost “all in” for the citizens of this country.

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And the sheeple are expected to finance their own demise!  Money and power are intoxicating elixirs for these hypocrites….



If you are giving any of your hard earned money, give it directly to the candidate, and them hold him or her responsible for their actions.

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