Auditor’s Office….for whom does the bell toll?

software problems

We have had several sources tell us that all is not well in the Lake County Auditor’s office.  The conversion of the new software that we had previously written about has hit more than a few “speed bumps”…..The only question is how much are the corrections going to cost the County’s General Fund.

When the lawyers start trying to calculate interest for slow payments, it tells us that it is not going to be pretty.

pointing fingers images

We will bet that the finger pointing has already started.  The Auditor’s office blaming the software supplier, the supplier blaming the Auditor for deciding not to run the old software in parallel with the new software.  The new auditor is probably wondering if taking the job on April 1st was a sign.

blowing taps

If you hear “taps” being played from the County’s Administration building, do not worry, the only thing that died was a budding political career…it is too bad, because he did win a “major award”.



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  1. The last paragraph was unnecessary.


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