Resolutions…now you see them, now you don’t…

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This is one of those situations that makes one go “hmmmmm”….what’s up?

While doing our due diligence before the Commissioners’ meeting held on May 23, 2019, we checked the agenda to become familiar with the items to be discussed.  Here is the original agenda:  ORIGINAL 2019-05-23 Agenda

Please note items 6, 7, and 8 on the agenda.  They are resolutions appointing three citizens to the ADAMHS Board:  Kimberly Collise, Pamela Kurt, Joanne Zeroske.

We checked after the meeting and we discovered that the agenda had been changed. Here is the revised agenda:  REVISED 2019-5-23 MEETING AGENDA

wipe the slate clean

You will see that the resolutions 6, 7, and 8 appointing the three citizens to the ADAMHS Board have been removed.  Wiped clean off the agenda, as though they never existed.  So being the curious lot that we are, we sent an email to the Commissioners office.  Here is the email we sent:

“Sorry, but we are a little confused.  We just looked at the agenda posted for today’s meeting, and it no longer has the appointments to the ADAMHS Board that we saw on a previously posted agenda.
What happened?  Did the Commissioners change their minds?  Was there a technical error of some sorts, or were there some external forces that changed the agenda?”
We followed up today with the clerk and we were told that “perhaps the Commissioners were not ready to make the appointments so they pulled the resolutions.” They are allowed to do that”.
Spidey Sense
LOL….sorry but the “Spidey Sense” kicked in….we then realized something is brewing and the public is being shut out of knowing the truth again….
Based on our previous experience with the ADAMHS Board, in our opinion, this has Kim Fraser’s, Executive Director, fingerprints all over it.  We thought we would try to determine the percentage of probability on the reasons why the resolutions were pulled from the agenda.
1. The Commissioners changed their minds all by themselves….we will go with ZERO chance on this….not all three appointments…no way, Jose….
2. The Commissioners got calls from all three individuals stating that they changed their mind about being on the board….1% chance, one, maybe two, but all three?…
3. What if Kim Fraser sent an email (possible records request?) or called the Commissioners and said she did not want one, two or all three of the appointments?  Maybe Ms. Fraser already had someone on the board, or perhaps a new candidate that the Commissioners , in their rush to reward their supporters, completely forgot to ask for Ms. Fraser’s opinion……..Ah….now that is sounding more plausible, don’t you think?….this rates a 99% chance of being the correct answer…
It will be interesting to see what happens – assuming that the Commissioners ever tell us the whole story.   How will the Commissioners dig themselves out of this hole…..?  What if they have to tell one or more of their supporters that they cannot give them the reward they were seeking?  There probably will be some bruised egos….
boxing match
Who will win this fight? We say it is Fraser in 3 rounds…….unless the Commissioners resort to their “rope-a-dope” tactics….and every one is given a trophy….


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