Better Flop Update…..”it isn’t over yet”

We are sure that Commissioners Young and Cirino, the Lake County Port Authority, and Rich Regovich, Mayor of the City of Willowick, would like the whole sordid affair of the Better Flip to just go away.  We would not be surprised if they hold fast to the common philosophy of the ruling class that we have heard so many times in the past:  Just ignore the peasants and they will go away, disgruntled, dismayed, disheartened.

Incredibly, Commissioner John Hamercheck is the only one, that is right THE ONLY ONE, that has even expressed concern that the Port Authority has spent $299,000 on refurbishing a Willowick bungalow, and are 100% over budget.  We have been told that a new board member is very concerned about Rantala being overworked because of the number of records requests that we have made.  Not concerned that they are spending the people’s money like drunken sailors, but that Rantala has to produce records required by law.

LFC Logo

LFC is a different kind of activist group, and the ruling class does not even understand us.  We have no agenda other than upholding honesty and transparency in government. We will pursue this matter to the very end of the road to see if taxpayers really do have rights, or is this all just another illusion.

In accordance with the Ohio Revised Code, we hand-delivered the following letter to Mark Rantala, Executive Director of the Port Authority.

Letter hand delivered to Rantala 5-22-19.docx

Stay tuned…..there is much more to be written…

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