Do Future Women Have Rights?….hard to believe it is even debatable.

We have brand new contributors to our website that will be writing about the “third rail” of politics – abortion.   They will be known as “Anonymous One”…..

Here is their first article:

“It’s A Matter of Life …” 

The never ending mantra from the pro death side in the spiritual battle for the sanctity of human life is that maintaining the abortion industry’s existence is pro-woman—-that this “protects her right  to reproductive freedom”. This is a lie straight from the pit of hell. Consider that:

27,328,000 girls every year 

74,871 girls every day

3,120 girls every hour

852 girls every minute 

208 girls in Lake/Geauga in 2017

Are brutally killed in abortions.

Where is the concern for the rights of these victims of serial murder, these “Little Women” whose lives are snuffed out before they draw their first breath? 

When we kill our own children in such numbers and virtually ignore the tragedy, no other enemies of women are needed, we are the enemy.  

(LFC Comments: This reminds us of the old Pogo cartoon character.


We are not only in a cultural war, but we at LFC believe that we are also in a spiritual war.)


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  1. A friend of mine says that because I loathe hypocrisy that I see it everywhere…that part is the blessing to my critical thinking mind. The curse is the need for me to point it out to others. Anonymous One absolutely points out the hypocrisy with the “rights of women” pro-abortion argument. And quite brilliantly I might add. Please allow me to point out another…

    When do we pronounce a person dead/deceased? When does the medical team go into a Code Blue type situation and do everything they can to save their patient? What is a FLAT LINE? What does that all mean?

    When there is NO PULSE…there is no heartbeat. When the HEARTBEAT cannot be started again…the patient is pronounced dead.

    So it is widely accepted by pretty much everyone on the planet that NO HEARTBEAT = DEAD.

    So one might reason that the opposite of “NO HEARTBEAT = DEAD” would be “HEARTBEAT = ALIVE”…or LIVING…or LIFE!

    When a heartbeat is detected…simply put…THERE IS LIFE!

    The Spiritual Law and Man’s Law do not allow for Murder. The practice of abortion, at any term, especially once a heartbeat is detected meets the test of Man’s Law for Murder because abortion is premeditated…PLANNED. It’s that simple…it really is that black and white.

    One last thing…PLANNED Parenthood? There really are no coincidences. Read the history of that organization and the woman who started it.

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  2. Abortion murders unborn girls and boys. There is help available for women in crisis pregnancies to get real help – not a quick “fix” – but rather true help for her and for her baby to be healthy and cared for.

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