Lake Geauga Recovery Centers…a “cash cow” we are told

cash cow

A concerned Lake County Lobbyist contacted us to express concern that the Lake Geauga Centers are joked about internally as being a “cash cow”. Our previous research has shown that the LGC “non-profit” is making over $500,000 each year.   Thanks to our Lobbyist Rob for this article on the Lake County Geauga Recovery Centers expansion plans.

Quite a while back, we met Ms. Melanie Blasko, Executive Director of Lake Geauga Recovery Centers.  We asked her what the mission is for the Lake Geauga Recovery Centers, and we were told that they wanted to be the very best drug and alcohol treatment facility in Lake County.

Our reply was that, although on the surface that seems to be a laudable goal, LFC believes that their mission should be to put themselves out of business.

Since a ton of money is being made on the treatment side of the drug problem, we are respectfully requesting that the Lake Geauga Recovery Centers take an active role in eliminating the supply side of the problem.

We ask them to be very vocal, and take an active role in supporting a wall on our Southern Border!

Demonstrate to us that you want illegal drugs eliminated from our community!

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