Concord Resident…let your voices be heard

A huge thank you to a Concord Lobbyist for this post.  We would add that a CONTINUOUS LEVY IS NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE TAXPAYER.

Here is a previous post on Concord officials’ attitude toward a continuous levy:

We need YOU ALL at the July 3rd Trustee Meeting !


Fellow Concord Citizens – Report #2 on funding for two new fire stations.

Keeping in mind that we strongly support our firefighters, we must build affordable fire stations.

 Many communities, such as Madison, have constructed beautiful and functional fire stations that cost in the $4-5 MM range. Therefore, two new fire stations should not exceed a total of $ 10 MM and no continuous – forever – levy would be needed to pay for them.

You filled Town Hall June 19th and Trustees were amazed!

They thought only a few of us care what they do with our money.  Not true!


The Trustees, after the Executive Session, changed their next meeting to a morning meeting!

Perhaps they believe we can’t fill a morning meeting to express:

“NO Continuous Levy” and “NO More Taxes.”

 July 3rd at 10:00 in the morning!

Come help us FILL Town Hall on July 3 to overflowing!

Everyone who CAN please attend this short meeting!

We CAN make it happen.  Think about your taxes.


Not Necessary
Not Fiscally Responsible
Leads to Unaccountable Spending
Shows Poor Leadership
Shows Poor Judgement

  Please, call your Concord friends and neighbors.  Tell them you will meet them on

July 3rd at 10:00 a.m. at Town Hall

If you cannot make it to the meeting, please call or email the Trustees.

Let them hear Continuous Levy is Poor Judgement.

Email:, Phone: 440.354.7500


Additional meeting details.  Many residents stated they were against a continuous levy that would add to their tax burden.  Residents urged the Trustees to keep within a total $10 MM budget for both fire stations by greatly reducing the size and cost of the initial plans. Residents pointed out numerous funding sources, such as the JEDD funds of $750,000 a year and TIF funds of $200,000+ a year, financial aid from our state legislature, and bonding the project. Utilizing these will avoid asking residents for a continuous, forever, levy. The Trustees heard these concerns.

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