Lake County Port Authority….cluttered desk = cluttered mind = no budget

We could help but notice in plain view the office paperwork turmoil of the Lake County Port Authority’s Executive Director, Mark Rantala.  Perhaps these pictures provide us with a clue to the state of affairs of the Lake County Port Authority.



We were wondering if this office condition is acceptable to Commissioners Young and Cirino?  They have not expressed any concern to date about the Lake County Port Authority Board of Directors and the Executive Director allowing the “Better Flip’s”expenditures to reach $299,000 from the originally approved $150.000.

If they do not care about the people’s money being spent in such a cavalier fashion, then the deplorable condition of a major County executive’s office probably does not even hit their radar screen.

Cirino and Young have hitched their wagons to the “Better Flip” project. Bringing a project to completion “on time” and “within budget” used to mean something.  Ah, but that is the rub…..the Board of Directors and Rantala did not prepare a budget, although they are on the record saying that they must develop one before accepting the house from the Land Bank…..Directors Lindrose and Martin, for some unknown reason, did not follow through on estimating the costs on this project, and since they are the experts, they should be embarrassed by their performance.

2020 elections


Cirino and Young must accept the consequences in the court of public opinion for their inaction, and that may not sit well with the electorate in the coming 2020 elections, and beyond.



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