Concord’s Fire Stations….friendly advice to Trustees

We have been thinking about the upcoming fire levy that undoubtedly will be placed on the November ballot by the Concord Township trustees.  No word yet on the amount of millage or the term.

Let’s assume that an upgrade is needed in our fire stations.  How do we pay for them?

We respectfully offer these suggestions:

  1. Forget any idea of a continuous levy…… any part of the solution..
  2. Can we build a single fire station at a time, with payment to be from JEDD funds, property taxes, or a combination of both?
  3. Can the overall cost of the single fire station be in-line with the cost of similar stations in other surrounding communities?  Families are required to live within their budget, and so should the Concord Trustees.
  4. We should pay for the single fire station in a maximum of five (5) years.
  5. The construction of the second fire station can be considered after you have demonstrated to the residents that you can bring a project in “on-time” and “within budget”. Our experience with the Riverside schools, Lake County Port Authority and County Commissioners indicates that governmental entities have difficult with saving time and money.

To require that Concord residents pay for two, state-of-the-art, second to none, fire stations at the same time is, in our humble opinion, unreasonable.



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  1. I concur


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