Lakeland Community College…they have clean floors

Thanks to one of our many Kirtland Lobbyists for this LCC update.  On a positive note, we can say that the lack of students allows the Lakeland’s administration to maintain an immaculate floor.

Here is a picture of Lakeland at 8:30 am on 6/24/19.   Our Lobbyist was wondering how many of LCC’s expensive Vice Presidents, provosts, deans, and chiefs of staff are placed on unpaid leave for the summer? This level of activity hardly seems to justify the full complement of staffing . However, it probably requires a lot of input to plan Lakeland’s upcoming series of fall disasters, starting with the proposed tuition “adjustment. “
love of money image

And the beat goes on……try not to think about the $20 million a year in property taxes that the taxpayers are sending to this institution, and the money the public schools are chipping in for the College Credit Plus program…..remember it is only your hard earned money and retirement savings that the bureaucrats are getting each payday.

When you are being priced out of your home you have worked all your life to achieve, just remember this picture of the bustling activity of Lakeland Community College – but give them credit for having clean floors!


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