First Energy…transparency is foreign concept to them…duplicity is not

Thanks to one of our Lobbyists for this startlingly frank article about HB6.  The Lobbyist makes a lot of sense, and LFC believes in total transparency.  It sure looks like First Energy is trying to pull a fast one on the Ohio taxpayers, and many of our politicians have bought their duplicity.

Call you State Senator and tell them to vote NO on House Bill 6.


NEWS ALERT: Just what if it could be determined by an independent, wholly objective and credible source that First Energy Solutions does NOT need the $1.2 Billion bailout that is the basis of the highly controversial HB-6 bill under final (rushed) consideration by the Ohio Senate this very weekend?

First Energy Solutions itself refuses to open its books to justify its demand for the bailout of it’s two Ohio nuclear plants – reasons cited: it is in bankruptcy and “cannot disclose precisely how much money it is losing”?

Really? Does anybody actually believe that First Energy Solutions (FES) would have to withhold financial information from the Ohio General Assembly so it could possibly deceive (?) a federal bankruptcy court? Are you kidding?

It is far more likely that FES doesn’t want to open its books because it would reveal to the General Assembly (and us all) that their $1.2 Billion bailout is just not warranted…and that it is an over-reach unlike any we have seen in at least recent Ohio history.

The attached video clip from the 1939 Hollywood blockbuster “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” has striking parallels to this current legislative battle, now being deliberated in the Ohio Senate.

Watch for the powerful political boss in the attached movie clip (substitute for powerful First Energy monolith); Watch for the special interest dam project that was not needed (substitute First Energy nuclear plant bailout); Watch for the political machinations and need to rush into a legislative “fix” to a problem that didn’t exist (substitute First Energy’s mad rush to pass HB-6 over a weekend, mid-night session).

Compare and contrast this 1939 video clip with the modern day duplicity and greed-driven zeal with which the most powerful special interest in this state (First Energy) … who has given UNPRECEDENTED campaign contributions to *every* political entity in Columbus … has manipulated ‘the peoples’ houses of government for their own financial gain.

In the final analysis, what’s going on, behind the scenes, with HB-6, may well be the greatest rip-off of the people of Ohio in our long history – a RIP-off of epoch proportions.

The Ohio Senate could either stop this ill-advised misadventure or it could, at the very least, place iron-clad “safeguards” into the bill which would demand ‘open book’ accountability and real transparency on the part of FES. It remains to be seen if there is yet a ‘Mr. Smith in Washington’ moment coming in the Ohio Senate.

Watch this brief set of movie clips. . .

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