Hear ye, Hear Ye – Recall Petitions Anyone?…

We will file this article under “The older I get, the less I know.”…

Recall election

We seem to have an insatiable appetite for knowledge about how our government, for the people, by the people, really works.  To that end, we sent the following email request to the Lake County Elections Board Director, Ross McDonald, with a copy to the second in command, Jan Clair.

Hello, Ross:
We were wondering if there is a central source of information that can explain to us how a recall petition works for local elected officials.  Also, can the citizens have any input on recalling appointed board members because of nonfeasance, misfeasance, or malfeasance?

We thought we would first start with you for guidance on this subject matter, although the last question may be “outside of your lane”.

We may use our booth at the Mentor City fest to get petitions signed, if that option is available to us.

Stay tuned….we will pass the information along to our readers as it becomes available to us…

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