Concord Fire Station Levy….fact checking

Concord Trustee Paul Malchesky mentioned at the meeting on 7/17 that the Morley library bond levy is set to expire, so Concord’s proposed .83 mills for the two new fire stations would be offset by the Morley library levy expiring.  As always, we thought we would fact check his statement so we contacted the Auditor’s office.

Here is their response to our questions:

“According to the tax rate abstract the (Morley) levy expires in tax year 2020 payable 2021.  I just checked the budget and they are collecting for next year. 

The tax districts that pay into the Morley levies are:  Leroy (7), Concord-Riverside (8), Concord-Chardon (9), Painesville City(15), Painesville Twp(11), Grand River(13)and P’ville City – Riverside(35)

The millage….it changes from year to year based on the valuation and the amount needed for principal and interest.  Currently it is at 0.70″

As an FYI, for those that are not aware, Concord Township has three taxing districts – 8, 9, and 10.  The taxing districts are based on the school district supported by the taxpayer.

Taxing District #8 – pays into the Riveside School District
Taxing District #9 – pays into the Chardon School District
Taxing District #10 – pays into the Mentor School District

We will have to try to determine how many people are in each taxing district.  Perhaps we can find that out from the Election Board or the Auditor.

How much is .70 mills?  Remember 1 mill equals $35.00 per $100,000 of market value.  So .7 mills equals $24.50 per $100,000 of market valuation. ($35.00 x .70)

We did a study last year to determine the increase / (decrease) in property tax collected by taxing district for 2008 versus 2018.  Here are the results for 8, 9, 10, and all three combined.

Taxing District 8 2008 vs 2018

Taxing District 9 2008 vs 2018

Taxing District 10 2008 vs 2018

Taxing Districts 8-10 2008 vs 2018

Note the large increase for Concord Township in the combined schedule for taxing districts 8 – 10.

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