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We would be remiss if we did not discuss, once again, the Concord Township 28 year,  .83 mill bond levy to be on the November, 2019 ballot for a new fire station.  The lack of fiscal responsibility by the Concord trustees and the administrator is disconcerting to this writer and a growing number of Concord residents.  Many are looking for a life preserver to save them from the ever-increasing taxes.

So that there is no confusion, doubt, or misinformation about Lobbyists for Citizens’ position on this subject, we agree with the following statements:

  1.   Fire fighters are an integral part of the community, and are needed to ensure the      safety and well-being of the residents.
  2.   Concord fire fighters do an excellent job.
  3.   The existing Concord fire stations are in need of an upgrade.
  4.   Concord’s property taxes are growing at an alarming rate, and seniors should not  be taxed to the point of needing to sell their homes that they have worked all their  lives to achieve.

Our bone of contention is with the trustees’ and the administrator’s irresponsible decision to build two fire stations requiring a 28 year bond levy to pay for one of them.  We have not heard a compelling reason why both fire stations need to be built in the same year.  We support the fire station on Prouty Road being built with JEDD funds and TIF financing, thereby eliminating the need to place an additional property tax burden on the citizens.

Once that bill is paid, then we can use those same JEDD funds to pay for the second fire station.  We would also like to see if this administration can complete a project within time and budget.

We are also very concerned about the size of the proposed fire stations.  The new fire station at the Prouty location will be 12,500 square feet (currently comprised of a small building with an adjacent home for offices); and the main fire station next to the Town Hall will expand from 6,000 square feet to a robust 25,000 square feet.  We have not heard any solid reasons why there is a need for that size of a facility.

Update 7/24/19: [For clarification – the main fire station (#1) will be built in the parking lot area adjacent to the existing town hall,  first followed by the Prouty Road station #2]

When Trustee Paul Malchesky  was justifying the need for the station, he dropped this “pearl of wisdom”.  This new fire station will not result in any significant new property taxes since the Morley library existing .70 mill levy will be eliminated soon.   As if that is supposed to make us feel so much better.  Are we asking too much if we think our property taxes should actually DECREASE?

Those living in Concord’s taxing district 10 (Mentor school & Mentor library supporters) will not “enjoy” any tax decrease since their district does not support Morley library.

Malchesky sits on the Morley library board, and supported the last Morley library continuous levy.  It appears that Mr. Malchesky loves big buildings, the bigger and more expensive the better.  He is either oblivious, or uncaring to the pain on seniors that his liberal tax and spend policies inflict.  This $10 million bond levy will cost another $7 million in interest costs – enough to build another fire station!

It will be interesting to hear what the new Trustee candidates have to say about the proposed new Bond Levy.  We suggest they get ready to answer questions on this subject.

Lobbyists for Citizens will be promoting this mantra:


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Update: Resolution for the Bond Levy –

Res. 2019-19 .83 Bond Levy to Voters


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  1. The fire stations will not be built in the same year. First Fire Station 1 will be built. Once that is complete Fire Station 2 will be constructed. If you vote no on the “Concord Tax Increase”, you are voting no on new fire stations.



  1. Concord Confusion…”clean up in aisle 3″ – Lobbyists for Citizens

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