A Heinous Lie…”From the Pits of Hell”

Here is the latest opinion piece from Anonymous One:

Having unfettered abortion available  through all nine months of a pregnancy is loudly promoted as a real benefit for American women. The reality is that this a lie from the very pit of Hell and is the linchpin in the present day “war on women”.

Consider these unspoken of consequences of abortion: A 44% increased risk of breast cancer after abortion; 60 % increased risk of miscarriage in future pregnancies after abortion; 6 times greater risk of suicide after abortion, and 65% increased risk of long-term clinical depression after abortion. End the “war on women” now.  Stand and speak out against  abortion.

(LFC Comment: We tried to confirm the statistics provided, but could not.  However, we did find this website that speaks to possible complications:


(LFC Comment: We have been informed that the statistics were gleaned from extensive reading of the works of Dr Joel Brind Meta Analysis study as well as those of Dr Angela Lafranchi renowned cancer researcher among others.)

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