Mooreland Mansion…part 3

Here is a response from a Concord Lobbyist to our article on the Mooreland mansion.

I just read the posts about Mooreland. A careful reading of the sign doesn’t seem to offer any exceptions to the photo prohibition.  Mooreland is another case of “if the general public only knew”.

The original plan was for the project to funded by private donations. Work proceeded with constant foot dragging and interference from Ralph Doty and his “ administration “ starting in 1989 and extending through 1993. Doty’s antics included appointing the wife of a Lakeland board member to serve as executive director. This woman was a figurehead who accomplished nothing. Doty subsequently hijacked the whole thing, unable to negotiate or reach any compromises with the community members whose devotion carried the project that far.

In the process, Doty alienated all hands and converted the Mooreland “ restoration “ into a drain on the taxpayers which was finally finished several years behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget.

You raise a very valid point. Since when do community colleges run conference centers and wedding venues ? For that matter, how many have residence halls ? What were you saying about mission creep ?

(LFC Comment: Another influential Mentor Lobbyist told us that former Congressman Dennis Eckhart (1983 – 1993) obtained millions of dollars in federal funding for the restoration of the Mooreland Mansion)

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