Concord Fire Stations…”quality is the result of comparison”

The Concord officials may want to read this article about the City of Lyndhurst building a fire station for $4 – $5 million dollars, and then place a call to Lyndhurst officials for some advice.  Lyndhurst has ~14,000 people and one fire station that will ultimately be the size of our proposed Prouty Road station.  Why does Concord need a fire station that is 24,000 square feet, plus another that is 12,500 square feet?

Some may say that Lyndhurst is only a remodeling of an existing facility.  Sorry, but it appears that Lyndhurst officials have found a better, more cost effective means of providing EMS, and fire fighting capabilities to their citizens.  They are being good stewards of the taxpayers’ money.

It seems that the inflated costs for the station #1 is a product of the out of state architect, who co-incidentally had a hand in designing Beachwood’s $15 million fire station; we understand that Beachwood started with an estimate of $9.8 million.  Spending $2 million for the high priced architect,  and potentially adding 4,000 square feet to the Town Hall in addition to building the fire stations will place an undue tax burden on the taxpayers.  Let’s add it all up:

  1. Station #1 – Main Station        $10 million + $7 million in interest
  2. Station #2 – Prouty Station     $  5 million
  3. 4,000 Square Feet to Town Hall  – Estimated by LFC to be $1 – $2 million

We are looking at in excess of $20 million in expenditures, and in our opinion, that seems mighty excessive, and not in the best interests of the Concord residents.

No doubt Concord’s  fire stations need to be upgraded, but we need “AFFORDABLE FIRE STATIONS“.

Fire station #2 (Prouty Road location), should have been upgraded years ago. Asking the personnel to live and work in those conditions is inexcusable.  That was a major failure by the prior township administrator, trustees, and fire chief.


It is LFC’s position to provide opposing voices a chance for their position to be known by the taxpayers.  To that end, here is a “Question an Answer” report on the proposed fire stations from the Concord officials.


(LFC Comment:  This issue will be decided by the voters on November 5th.  We sincerely hope that all concerned Concord citizens will exercise their right to vote.)

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