Riverside School Survey…your chance to be heard

For those residents that live in the Riverside School District, you may want to take the survey on their website.  They are asking for opinions on building a new 6 – 12 school.

Here s the link: http://www.riversidelocalschools.com/protected/ArticleView.aspx?iid=6G23A3Y&dasi=3U30

Even with declining enrollments, Lake County school districts are looking to build new schools, and offer services not normally associated with conventional teaching.  It is now obvious that to us that in order to combat the declining enrollment and ensure their relevancy the schools need to expand their services and become more of a community center with them being the integral, focal point of the community.

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  1. Did you read the survey, Brian?

    They’re looking to consolidate schools due to declining enrollment and there was one question out of 19 asking if the community survey taker would like to see the new 6-12 school (one school instead of the 3 current schools) ALSO be used as a community hub. Talk about fake news!


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