Inside Millage for Lake County Schools

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We wondered how much inside millage revenue each school district in Lake County receives.  So we spent the time to prepare a schedule from the details given to us by the Lake County Auditor’s department.


As a refresher, the inside millage is mandated by the Ohio Revised Code, and the citizens do not get to vote on the amount of the millage.  If there is a revaluation of the property values, then the citizens will see a corresponding increase in their property taxes without a vote.

The statistics show us that the total property valuation for all school districts is $6.3 BILLION, and the school districts receive $29.1 million in revenue.  For every 1% increase in property values the school districts will receive ~$291,000 without a vote of the taxpayers.

The top three school districts with inside millage revenue are:

  1. Mentor                             $8,848,919
  2. Willoughby-Eastlake     $7,818,266
  3.  Riverside                         $5,065,418

You now have the numbers to challenge any superintendent or school official that displays a “lack of candor” when discussing inside millage.

pulling back the curtain

Since the Lake County Financing District is on the November ballot, we will start analyzing their numbers. and try to determine how the money is spent.  Just in case you are not aware, this is just another, cleverly disguised, public school property tax.  Stay tuned….

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