Staggering Death Tolls..Are some deaths more important than others?

Our ‘Anonymous One’ speaks out again……

“It’s A Matter of Life…”

Our current 2019 death toll from mass shootings stands at an appalling 245. The collective outrage from our citizens, politicians, and media types is unceasing. 

Yet each  day the body count from abortion is 3,000 and the silence from the same segments of society is deafening. It seems the murder of children horrifies us except when they are very young and still in the womb.

We cannot ignore mass murder in the womb, and be shocked when it happens on our streets. 

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  1. These shootings, by mentally ill & criminals, are being sensationalized, one-sided and mis-leading for the purpose of taking our Constitutional rights away from good citizens. My heart goes out to the victims of these shootings.

    Look at all the poor countries where the governments have gone hay-wire with greed and you won’t see the citizenry with any guns, no way to protect themselves from the criminal, or, a bad government, but, you still see criminals and the mentally ill with guns. Look at Chicago and any big city, or, drug-cartels, etc.


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