Public Schools… Expanding Their Services

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This article contains opinion, for the easily offended enter at your own risk.


We see a disturbing trend happening in education.  It appears that the state education system is slowly, but surely, replacing the parents’ and the family’s role in raising children.  You may say “No Way”, but consider the fact that many children are now receiving free breakfast and lunch at school, the social, emotional learning programs  are winding their way into the state curriculum, and schools are developing ‘family resource centers’ and ‘houses’.

(1) In reviewing the State of Ohio budget, we found that in 2019 the school lunch, breakfast and child / adult food programs total $667,467,605.  For the years 2014 – 2019, the total budget for all three programs was in excess of $3.5 BILLION!
Here is the link, if you care to review:

(2) We have posted a few articles on S.E.L. programs. Here are our prior articles on Social, Emotional Learning:

(3) How about Wickliffe School providing a new Family Resource Center?

(4) And now comes this article from – it was a bit of an eye-opener for us – made us say “Hmmmm”.

Here is an excerpt from the article that illustrates our point of the schools intruding into  the role of the family:
Goggin says the building was carefully designed to still have a small school feel. The classrooms are set up so first and second graders, as well as third and fourth graders, will have what they call their own ‘house’.

Students will spend 90% of their day inside their ‘houses.’ There are also media rooms within their specific areas.”

With the decline in the student population, the public schools have to make themselves relevant,  so they expand their services, and, it appears, far too many of the populace is only too willing to abdicate their duties.

Destroy the family, babies and morality and a society will collapse…..


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