Lakeland C.C….”enrollment still tanking”

Thanks to a Kirtland lobbyist for this update on Lakeland Community College’s enrollments.

declining sales chart

“Enrollments nationally are still trending down.  Many of our sister colleges are between 2 and 10 percent down.  As of [August 26, 2019], we were 5.1% down in credit hours and 3.8% down in student headcount.”

(LFC Comment: No word on any cutbacks in senior administrative staff.   It will be interesting to see the impact of the reduced enrollments on their current year’s financial statements.  We expect to see an increased emphasis on providing the “free” college program [CCP] to high school seniors to bump up revenues.  It is a good thing they terminated the couple of secretaries and the courier – now that is some big league expense slashing!  This issue is not even on a certain Lake County Commissioner’s radar – too busy, we guess, getting endorsements for the next higher office.)

Here are some prior articles we wrote about Lakeland’s enrollment:

Here is an interesting article regarding the decline in community colleges nationwide, and, unfortunately, their future looks bleak.

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