Looking for Good News….we really tried

We have received some criticism for not having any positive, uplifting news, about the great things happening in Lake County.  You know, all those positive things that the Commissioners, Visitors Bureau, and the Port Authority have done for us – making Lake County truly a “remarkable” county.

We set out on Labor Day to find some positive news to report.  We ventured out to Mentor Headlands with hopes of finding anything that would lift our spirits and; in turn, the spirits of our readers.  But alas, we only found this…….

IMG_0432 (1)

So how many BILLIONS do you think we have spent to clean up Lake Erie?

green goblin

For heavens sake, do not swallow the water….you may develop a severe intestinal disorder, start looking like the Jolly Green Giant, the Incredible Hulk, or the Green Goblin….


And now for the good news…….


We are very happy to report that the Lake Metroparks system may be second to none in the State of Ohio.  We thoroughly enjoy each and every one of the many Lake County public parks ~ 10,000 acres of splendor…there, you have it….we said something positive.

Please do not tell the Metropark officials, they may think about putting on another levy…..

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  1. Great article. Sad but true. The millions spent to clean up Lake Erie seems to have fallen into deep pockets? Yet they lie to us and tell us this algea, scum, paint/oil like substances is a direct cause from fertilizers that the farmers are using and get trapped in still waters….UM, you have to be brain dead to believe this. Someone should be looking at where the money is being spent from our tax dollars to combat this instead of always lip servicing us lies.

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