Seniors Must Unite…losing their buying power

We found this article from ‘The Senior Citizens League’ to be very revealing.  For Lake County seniors that are relying on social security to pay the bills, especially the ever increasing property taxes, this explains why they are having a difficult time making ends meet.

Here is an excerpt from the article that highlights the problem with inflation destroying the lives of those over 60 years of age.

“In 2019, the data indicates that Social Security recipients have lost one third of their buying power (33%) since the year 2000.”

No to taxesWithout the federal government increasing the monthly payments to keep up with the cost of living, seniors are going to continue to fall further behind.  Add in the continuing local property tax increases, and we can foresee a full blown disaster ahead in Lake County!


From a 2014 ‘Center for Community Solutions’ report, we found these demographic statistics for Lake County:

  • In 2013 = 23% of the population were >60 yrs old (54,456)
  • 29% still employed
  • 47% have average income $49,690 per household
  • Only 49% have any retirement savings
  • 78% receive Social Security averaging $18,488 annually
  • By 2030 = projected that 34% will be >60 years

just say no

Seniors on social security may not be able to retire, and will be forced to work the minimum wage jobs – if their legs will allow them to stand for eight hours.

The audacity of politicians to want to provide free “everything” to illegal aliens when the seniors that helped build this nation are suffering, and unable to pay their bills is quite revealing; we consider it a local and national tragedy.  Democrats want the voters and the Chamber of Commerce wants the cheap labor, while the average citizen gets stuck with the costs of illegal immigration.

For all you naysayers out there – here is a challenge – prove us wrong!

Nothing should happen in Lake County without the seniors wanting it to happen.mad as hell image

Seniors – it is time to unite, speak up, and push back against the politicians and bureaucrats  that have no regard for your well-being.  They think we are “old news”, easily deceived, and no longer a factor in the political arena.

Let’s prove them wrong!


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  1. Right on target. The problem how do we all get together to be heard when they just ignore us. Just like question #8 of the wickliffe school board on their CRAZY 10.97 bond issue to build a new school. The question asked was. ( we seniors cannot afford these taxes and will hurt us badly ) The answer from the school board was ( you can come and visit and enjoy our new community center at the school ). Great answer to a serious question wickliffe school board ! .
    The 10 question Q and A can be found at the wickliffe school website if you have an extra hour to find it. It is well hidden.


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