Oh No……look out, he’s baccccck!

Well. well look what we found on Facebook.   Facebook page:  Daniel P. Troy

Ah, the power of an elected office is such an intoxicating elixir….Dan Troy has “thrown his hat in the ring”, the problem is that we are not sure what ring it landed in…..As Dandy Dan says: “Stay Tuned”

Now what are the odds he will take on Cirino in the State Senator race being vacated by Mr. John Eklund?  Slim to none, since it has already been decided by the Lake County ‘movers and shakers’ that Cirino will be State Senator.  Oh, yes, that is a foregone conclusion so the voters do not even have to worry themselves about that seat since it has already been decided for them. [Remember WJWJG] [And you thought that you decided things at election time…lol, right….]

How about another run as County Commissioner for Troy?  Well that is a distinct possibility since we have two seats up for grabs.  Look out Wuglier and Hamercheck….Dan may be staking his claim again.

You many find this picture interesting.  We took this picture at this year’s Mentor Headlands parade.  Politicians love this parade, it allows them to mingle with the little people, the peasants, if you will.  I met Jerry Cirino a couple of years ago at this parade.


We have to wonder what position John Rogers will be running for also.  He is termed out as State Senator – his gig as the Director of the Land Bank will probably continue regardless of his run for elected office.

Although we have had severe disagreements with Dan Troy (he stated in a public meeting that he and his treasurer were thinking about suing me for asking probing questions about the finances for a non-profit he established), we must acknowledge that Troy is quite knowledgeable about how the county operates.

We can compliment John Rogers for taking the time to give us a presentation on what the Land Bank does for the County, and, to date, has answered our questions. However, we do not agree with his position on contemplating spending taxpayers’ funds on the dilapidated Painesville building for the non-profit HOLA group.

Facebook page:  Daniel P. Troy

“Please Share: Once again, it’s time for my Annual Fall Classic Golf Outing and Clambake, including the pre-golf sausage sandwiches, at Lost Nation Golf Course in Willoughby. I intend to seek election to public office next year so that I can resume serving the people of Lake County, and, as always, appreciate your support to be able to do so.”
No photo description available.

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  1. I was not impressed with him 2 years ago at our Amvets Labor Day parade and honoring of our military. He completely snuffed out my friend, the chaplain of the Amvets to do his prepared speech. When it was brought to his attention he acted as if he didn’t hear him and walked away talking to a “fan”. This man is rude and I sure would not vote for him or go to his overpriced, for elites only golf/clam bake. I hope it is a flop.


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