Open Meeting Act Violations…can be expensive

A special thanks to one of our Portage lobbyists for making us aware of this article dealing with open meeting act violations in Clermont County.

For the budding community activist, you can read all about the “Sunshine Laws” on-line at the State of Ohio’s Attorney General website.

It is covered under Section 121.22 of the Ohio Revised Code:

Full disclosure: This writer has filed a lawsuit against the Lake County Commissioners and the Lake County Visitor’s Bureau for violation of the open Meetings Act.  Commissioner Jerry Cirino (yes, the individual that wants to be your next state Senator) asked me to leave a meeting back in February, 2019 between the Commissioners and the representatives of the Visitor’s Bureau.  I filed the suit in the Court of Common Pleas and Judge Lucci has been assigned the case.  I will keep everyone informed about what I learn in this whole process since I have filed as a “pro se” lawyer.  it’s me against a small army of lawyers from the Prosecutor’s office and the the Visitor’s Bureau lawyers.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. As a 501 ( c ) (4), we are only permitted to deal with issues, and not tell the voters to vote for or against any candidates.

  2. A Female Candidate for the council named Laurie told us about the corruption of the Lake County Council years ago and nothing was ever done about it. How all decision were made in advance before they heard from the public. It is time to hold these swamp scum accountable. I hope you win your lawsuit and make it very public. I, for one, will never vote for Cirino and I will be telling everyone I know to vote against him.

  3. Yes that was a secret meeting along with countless others that go on in this county via phone and behind closed doors. Ever wonder why there is always unanimous votes for County port authority resolutions? Do you suppose it is because the discussion occurs via phone and ahead of the public meeting? Did you know there are two sets of financials produced every quarter at the County port authority meetings? One for the Board which they receive ahead of time…and one for the peasants that is presented at the public meeting. You might wish to ask to review the financial notebook in the County port offices…if you are not banned. Wait a minute Batman! Isn’t it ILLEGAL to ban a citizen from a location where public records are kept? Why yes Robin it most certainly is.

    The citizens are fed up with funding their own destruction. The swamp dwellers in Lake County have been used to running unchecked for decades. Notice to all swamp dwellers…its time for you to go home…just retire or maybe get a real job like the rest of us. The people are waking up to your deceitful ways…we are tired of you not working for us. We the people are going to hold you accountable!

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