Alcohol in Park Districts?…really bad idea

Thanks to our friends at for this article on the misguided proposed alcohol policy in Geauga County’s park district.

Published Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Geauga Park District has been a long time promoter of alcohol use in their parks. “People coming to the park to picnic can enjoy a glass of wine or beer…” Tom Curtin said of the policy in an article titled, “Park District Defends Alcohol Policy.” Now the Geauga Park District is applying for a liquor license for Wicked Woods Park.

I wonder if Director John Oros and the Park Board have extended this alcohol policy to include board meetings…

Oros told an 80-year old Veteran that the Park District is dirt broke and they can no longer maintain the park that borders his property. Oros told the Veteran to do the work himself.

While Oros was decrying the District’s financial dire, the Park board was approving the $1.5 million dollar purchase of Wicked Woods golf course. Oros said park “Naturalists” recommended the purchase.

The “Naturalist” might want to read: “Poisoned Golf, A groundskeeper speaks out on contamination and poisoning,” by Steve Herzog, a 15 year cancer survivor. And for some not so light reading, check out the EPA reports on Wicked Woods.

The Geauga Park District claims to be broke while spending tax dollars like drunken pirates, and now they are planning for a heavy 20 year levy request.

Roberts Rules of Order are protocol for Park Board meetings, but I think they should also include mandatory breathalyzers.

Judy K. Zamlen-Spotts

(LFC Comments: We are in complete agreement with Ms. Zamlen-Spotts’ article.  A policy of bringing alcohol into a park system has “disaster” written all over it.  Our friend the “Amazing Mr. Ames” from Portage County had this thought on the subject: “It makes me wonder how my colonial ancestors ever survived in a land without park districts. They must have been rugged to have endured without all the bread and circus government provides today, just like at the end of the Roman Empire.”)

We did a search for the alcohol policies of Lake and Cuyahoga Metroparks:

Here are the rules and regulations of the Lake Metroparks:

5.3 Possession or use of alcoholic beverages or intoxicating liquor.

No person shall drink, sell, possess or offer for sale any intoxicating liquor or alcoholic beverage, except where especially permitted by the Executive Director, or become intoxicated or be under the influence of any intoxicating liquor or alcoholic beverage within the Park.  (LFC Comment: We will follow up with the Executive Director to see what the exception means.)

5.4 Intoxication.

No person while voluntarily intoxicated shall do either of the following:

(a) In the Park, engage in conduct likely to be offensive or to cause inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm to persons of ordinary sensibilities, which conduct the offender, if he were not intoxicated, should know is likely to have such an effect on others;

(b) Engage in conduct or create a condition which presents a risk of physical harm to himself or another, or to property of another.

The Cuyahoga Metroparks policy is in-line with the Lake Metroparks:,remain%20on%20designated%20bridle%20trails.&targetText=Fishing%20is%20permitted%20in%20all%20Park%20District%20waters%20unless%20posted%20otherwise.

Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed or transported in the Park District.

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