Comprehensive Sexual Education

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From the group Act for America, we received this video about what is being taught in America’s public schools.  When we add the social, emotional learning curriculum to the Comprehensive Sexual Education we are learning about, one wonders why public schools have gone so far astray from teaching the basics.  And to top it off, the taxpayers get to pay for it through their property taxes.

Diane Stover is exposing the Comprehensive Sexual Education,(CSE), curriculum being used not only in Ohio, but pretty much throughout the U.S., and the whole world.
This charade is nothing other than a propaganda campaign by Planned Parenthood. Most people and especially elected officials, as Diane pointed out, don’t even know about it.
There is so much to this agenda, it is our hope is that you will take the time to educate yourself about it by looking at the links below.
Most importantly, FIND OUT what your children and grandchildren are being taught. This nonsense must be stopped.
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Caution, some people may find this subject matter to be offensive:

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  1. Great information and I have shared this to my FB page but it is very poor quality.

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