W-E Schools…5 Year Financial Forecast

From the Willoughby-Eastlake website we found their 5 year financial forecast…


Here are some interesting numbers from the report:
Category                                       2016                      2023                               Inc. / Dec
Revenues                            $97.3 Million            $80.1Million              -$17.2 Million -(17.6%)
Personnel Expenses          $49.0 Million            $67.2 Million           +$18.2 Million   (37.1%)
Retirement & Benefits      $15.9  Million           $21.3 Million            +$  5.4 Million  (34.0%)
Total All Other Exp.           $32.0  Million           $29.0 Million             -$  3.0 Million   -(9.3%)
(includes Debt pymts)
Total Expenditures            $96.9 Million            $117.5Million            +$20.6Million   (21.3%)

We reached out to one of our lobbyists that was a former Lake County School board member, and asked for an opinion on the W-E five year forecast.  Here is the opinion given:

The information you sent to me says the same message that we always say…no control over costs just keep asking for more taxes.  My specific comments are as follows:

1. The property tax revenues greatly decrease in 2022 and 2023.  My guess is that they passed a renewal levy (not a permanent levy) and the time period (usually 5 or 10 years ) is now up.  They are looking for a new levy to replace that.

2. Payroll increases over 4% each year.  I am sure they are telling the voters that increases are 2% or less but no one knows about the step increases that are included in these costs.

3. Purchased services account for over $19M each year.  Not sure what that is but it is a very large expense that needs to be detailed.

4. Expenses are consistently increasing in the 4% range.  Why are they not looking at controlling costs before they ask for more taxes?  Become more efficient before asking me for more $$$.  The easy way is to just keep spending and put on a new levy.

We thought it might be informative to compare enrollment, salaries and property taxes for each Lake County school district.  The information below was generated from the on-line Cupp Reports and compares the 5 year period 2014 – 2018.
It is worthy to note that the total enrollment has decreased 1,384 (4.3%) [31,968 – 30,584] in the five year period.  This enrollment decrease surely also has a negative effect on Lakeland Community College enrollment.  It is interesting that enrollment is going down, but costs are increasing – something does not seem right to us.Cupp Report 2014 vs 2018

If you need more detailed statistics, here is the detailed FY 2018 Cupp Report for Wiloughby-Eastlake School District:

W-E Detail Cupp Report FY 18

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2 replies

  1. Yes the schools think we citizens are a bottomless pit. Let the teachers and superintendents take a big pay cut when the district needs more money. If they are willing to do that and post how exactly our money is being spent in black and white audit trail not just the blowhard wind they individually assault us with.
    Facts as they are proven and not warm wind and their version that may or may not be factual. The districts are not totally forthcoming and tell you only what they want you to know and usually to late to investigate before being voted on. Seniors on S.S. Only and those in poverty usually have an income of13 thousand a yr more or less and Cannot afford these crazy levy’s.


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