Vaccine Choice…a very complex issue

Mr. David Black, speaking on behalf of his group known as “Ohio Citizens Defending the Constitution” spoke at a recent Willoughby-Eastlake school board meeting.  He was defending the rights of parents to not immunize their children.

pulling back the curtain

The Vaccine Industry: Big Business with No Accountability

1. In violation of the US and Ohio Constitution, the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Act, holds the vaccine industry, hospitals, doctors and administrators  harmless from a civil lawsuit.  Citizens must present their case to a federally appointed “Master” without the benefit of a jury, or the long-held “rules of evidence” standards.  It is a rigged system that favors the vaccine industry. Even if the Master awards a monetary settlement, the money is paid out of taxpayer funds. See footnote (1)

pulling back the curtain

Not Enough Testing Before Going to Market

2. Virtually all vaccines are not evaluated for carcinogenic, mutagenic or infertility affects. Many of the growing problems today: cancer, infertility, auto immune diseases and allergies, are not taken into consideration in the evaluation of vaccine safety. Yet as stated above, the entire industry is held harmless from civil lawsuits should their vaccine cause one of these life threatening illnesses. See footnote (2)

pulling back the curtain

Deception Played on the Trusting Public

3. Viruses used in vaccines can be combined with harmless substances to create an unnatural auto immune response; such as, the infertility effect of combining the tetanus virus with HCG hormones. This was revealed when the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops showed that the Kenyan government’s mandated tetanus vaccine was laced with the infertility causing combination of Tetanus and HCG elements. This combination causes the immune system to be tricked into thinking the natural HCG hormone is a virus, thus causing the person’s own immune system to attack a pregnancy. See footnote (3)

If infertility can occur from this combination, how many other possibilities exist to cause a individual’s immune system to react to something, by itself, is harmless?

4. Ohio Revised Code section 3313.671 protects a parent’s right to chose: 

“A pupil who presents a written statement of the pupil’s parent or guardian in which the parent or guardian declines to have the pupil immunized for reasons of conscience, including religious convictions, is not required to be immunized.”

We urge you [W-E School Board] to support the parents’ right to chose for reasons of conscience, or any other reason. 


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