W-E School Cover-Up….updated 9/20/19

We asked Mr. Thompson, Willoughby-Eastlake School Superintendent,  for the chart that the school Treasurer showed at the last school board meeting.  He sent the following chart to us.  We, respectfully, disagree.   This is not the chart that we remember being shown at the meeting.  It was previously reported by the Treasurer that the levy was subject to the 12.5% rollback credit.

We would have more respect if they just admitted their mistake, but a cover up always gets one in trouble.

This chart does show the correct costs.

W-E levy chart.png

The voters in the Willoughby-Eastlake School District get to decide on November 5th if they can afford this levy.  We just want to ensure that the correct information is given to the voters.  We also want to give a voice to those seniors that are being priced out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve.

We will be moving on to other issues impacting Lake County.

Updated: 9/20/19
Mr. Thompson, to his credit, acknowledged in an email to us the the Treasurer did make a mistake in his presentation at the board meeting.  Here are his comments:

“On the evening of the board meeting, Mr. Parkinson’s slide did show the 12.5% rollback. Following the meeting, he realized he had mistakenly included this in his calculation and immediately corrected the slide.”……Mr. Steve Thompson

We thanked Mr. Thompson for admitting to the mistake.

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  1. Ask for the video of the meeting. I would image it was shown on the screen.


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