LakeTran covering their bases…

you decide

Saw this image on the LakeTran Facebook page, and on signs posted in Lake County.

We see that they are paying attention to ensure voters know that it is not a property tax on the ballot.  As a reminder, if Issue 2 passes the increase in sales tax will generate at least $9 million dollars annually for Lake Tran, and this is a 100% increase in their current annual sales tax revenue.

LakeTran Image for Sales Tax

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  1. Every time I see the big buses they are almost empty. I hear the downtown busses have many riders. The little short busses are necessary but need to bump up riders costs. I have a friend who rides from mentor to Willoughby Hills every day at a cost of $2.50 each way. This is why the short busses lose money and lake tran cannot pay for itself.


  2. Does it not seem strange that there are relatively easy ways for various entities to put additional taxes on the ballot but it is almost impossible to eliminate an existing tax? Or is it?


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