Concord Taxing District 8-9-10…how your property taxes have grown

By request, we are providing the property tax schedules comparing 2018 vs 2008 for Concord Township’s taxing districts 8, 9, 10, and in total.  You will see that the taxing district revolves around the school district and public library that are supported by the taxpayers.  (#8 is Riverside / #9 is Chardon / #10 is Mentor)  The Lake County Library District is the Morley library in Painesville.

The Lake County Financing District is another school levy that was meant to share the wealth of the Perry Nuclear Plant property taxes.  The Lake-Geauga Educational Service Center (formerly known as the County Board of Education) is the collection and disbursement agent for the Financing District. For calendar year 2018,  Madison received $1,328,703.84, Painesville received $1,569,724.06,  Perry received $896,137.49, and Riverside received $2,138,221.92.  The funds are allocated to the four schools based on enrollment.

You may wish to take a look at the Lakeland Community College’s staggering increases in property taxes.

The reduction in the County General Fund is due to the passage of a sales tax levy.  Former Commissioner Dan Troy gets credit for the reduction in property taxes.  He helped get the inside millage [portion not voted on by the taxpayers] reduced by 1.1 mills.  If future Commissioners deem it necessary, the inside millage can be increased by up to 1.1 mills without a vote of the taxpayers.  It is certainly an issue that taxpayers must keep a constant vigil.

Concord 8-9-10 2018 vs 2008 (1)

Concord 8-9-10 2018 vs 2008 (2)

Concord 8-9-10 2018 vs 2008 (3)

Concord 8-9-10 2018 vs 2008 (4)

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  1. Okay…so now you are making Dan Troy’s case for county commissioner. How do we know he gets credit for that?


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