Lakeland Community College…saved by CCP “free” program

Thanks to one of our Kirtland lobbyists for this current information on Lakeland Community College:

Fall enrollment highlighted by increase in College Credit Plus students

Fall 2019 enrollment is down 3.4% in headcount and 4.3% in FTE, slightly better than projected.

A total of 6,524 students are enrolled at Lakeland this semester. That includes 1,704 new students, a 2.7% increase over last year. New students include those coming directly from high school, delayed from high school, and in high school.

College Credit Plus (CCP) enrollment is up 3.4% with 1,500 students taking Lakeland courses while still in high school. There are 843 new CCP students, an increase of 4.7% over last year.

The number of continuing students is down 5.4%.

The number of returning students is up a half percent, with 789 students enrolled this fall.

Institutional Research has developed a new interactive dashboard to report enrollment highlights as of the Census Date, the 15th day of the full term. The dashboard allows you to select specific data elements that you want to analyze. Check out the new dashboard by clicking on the link below.

(LFC Comments: Please take a look at the number of credits hours for 2015 versus 2019 – a drop of 20.9%!  Where would they be if they did not have 1,500 high school students taking classes?

At what point will someone in authority, either inside or outside the college, admit that there is a problem?  Where are the real leaders of the community?  We wonder if some of the Administrators are checking the calendar to see how many more days until they can retire.)

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