New Election Board Space…first class

The Lake County Elections Board has relocated from the old County Administration Building to the new Administration Building.

Ross McDonald Board of Elections
The Lake County Election Board Executive Director, Ross McDonald,  is inviting the public to stop by on Monday, October 7th from 4:00 pm until about 6:00 pm to see the new Election Board offices.  We would recommend that the public stop by and see the behind the scenes work of our fine Elections Board.

Here are a couple of pictures that we took today, but they do not really do justice to the new space.  It does look like a first class operation, and we look forward to getting a tour of the new space.



clapping image

The entire staff at the Election Board should be commended for the outstanding job they do ensuring our elections are held to the highest standards.  Kudos to Ross, Jan Clair- the Deputy Director, Tom Seymour, and the rest of the dedicated staff.

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